Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters

Hey it's started! People are saying some nice things.


"Put on this record and close your eyes. Imagine yourself is a soulful and sweaty club on a Sunday night. Feels pretty good, right?" - Mayer Danzig
"a classic, soulful sound driven by McNeil's powerful voice and great instrumentation. On several of the tracks we got chills..."- Ryan Spaulding
"Thereís a lot of hope behind this record, so maybe itís about rebirth," -Christian McNeill, (article by Alice S. Han)
"dream of a soulful Hades on long-awaited debut record Everything’s Up for Grabs"
Boston Band Crush "[Christian McNeill] is firing on all cylanders all the time"- Richard Bouchard

Boston Globe

"Once I hooked up with the Aruda brothers, my rock thing met their soul thing and that's how the sound was born." -Christian McNeill, (article by Sarah Rodman) pdf

The Morton Report

"It is a group on fire, and they can stand tall next to any aggregation around. McNeill is a big man with a big voice, someone who refuses to back down from whatever barriers present themselves." -Bill Bentley