A and R
363 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA 02144

Frequently Asked Questions for bands interested in submitting demos and CDs to Q Division Records:

Like many labels, Q Division Records gets many submissions every day from bands that want us to release their CDs: many, many times more than we can actually release. We're always interested in hearing new music, but please read the following to see if it makes sense to submit to us. Sending demos costs money; don't send them to the wrong people.

Q. Does Q Division Records accept unsolicited demos?
A.Yes, but read on, because it's important that you don't waste your time and ours.

Q. What kinds of music does Q Division Records look for?
A. There's an easy way to answer that. Check out the bands on the label. Buy the CDs. Listen to the sound clips. Go see them. Even just looking around the website, you can probably get an idea of the things we're into. If you don't like our music, look for labels with music you like. One thing we really look for is artists who play in front of people often.

Q. What do you look for in a demo?
A. Good songs. Slick production doesn't count for much, but good playing/singing does, as do interesting ideas. Also, it helps if the band or artist is playing on a regular basis, and knows how to present themselves.

Q. I notice most of your bands are from the Northeast. Would you sign artists from other parts of the country?
A. This bias is largely financial, since we like to keep in close contact with the bands, and we don't have big travel budgets. We would consider signing bands from other places, but we are unlikely to sign a band we've never seen.

Q. Where should we send it?
A. A&R, Q Division Records, 363 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02144. You can also submit via Sonicbids.

Q. Will my demo materials be returned?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot return demos.

Q. What about email?
A. If you've got a band website (or myspace or similar), that's great: Email us the link. Don't email us MP3s or other large files- that is the quickest way to get on our bad side. And please don't add us to your all-purpose mailing list for gigs/ news/ chat, unless we've specifically asked.

Q. Do you have any pet peeves?
A. Why, yes we do; thanks for asking. We hate it when people send in a package without a cover letter. And there should be a single contact person for the band.

Q. How do we follow up?
A. Follow up via email at We'll try to get back to you, but please don't expect a lengthy "review". Much of what we get is good music, but inappropriate for our label. In those cases, there's really nothing to say.

Q. If you don't like our music, should we be depressed and angry?
A. No.