Anne Heaton

Starting with lessons at age three, Heaton was a studied classical pianist. She listened to everything from Dexy’s Midnight Runners to Joni Mitchell to the Rolling Stones to the Fine Young Cannibals.  While studying Philosophy & Theology at Notre Dame, she sang in a rock band. After graduation, she ran a music program for teenagers in Chicago’s Cabrini Green Housing Projects. A few years later Heaton moved from Chicago to New York and joined a Gospel Choir in Harlem. This was the point when Anne started writing songs. “Hearing Peter Gabriel’s ‘Us’ for the first time, made me realize how powerful it could be to relate your psychological and spiritual experiences in a way that was musically beautiful and resonant. I felt like Peter Gabriel was expressing my inner world or what I wished the world were like. I thought that if I could ever touch someone else in the way that he had reached me, I would be very happy.”